More about Trendy Cakes

Hi, I am Christine, founder of Trendy Cakes. I started baking when I became a stay-at-home-mummy to our two little boys and had my first paid order in 2013.

I quickly discovered that I had a real passion for baking and getting the perfect result every time.  I operated as Trendy Cakes until May 2019.  In that time, the business outgrew my capacity and the capacity of my kitchen. Even with a casual employee coming in weekly, I still had to work late into the night to get everything done.

Earlier this year I started suffering from emotional and creative burnout. As a wife and mum, that is not something that has a place in my life. I made the very emotional decision to stop taking orders and look for something that will allow me more time with my family (you can read my blog entry on this announcement here). 

So I set up a new business, Knowledge Insight. The goal is to help other mum-preneurs take control of their business. To help them purposefully and strategically grow their business.  I did not want to give up everything I built over the last 5 and a half years though. That is why Trendy Cakes is still here. I may not be taking orders anymore, but now I can help you create your own beautiful cakes at home with my recipes for download and equipment for hire

Happy baking!